Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Rare Beauty

Snow White

A friend and I, were lucky enough to see this little albino squirrel running around in gardens in Southsea. A news item in the local paper later reported that she had run into some trouble, when a gang of grey squirrels attacked her in Highland Road Cemetery, but fortunately, some people were on hand to rescue her. She is now being looked after at the Squirrel and Wildlife Centre in the Meon Valley, where she has been named Snow White. I hope she will enjoy a long and hassle free life.

I was delighted to see this little albino squirrel, they are rare, and so I felt it as one of those moments when a door opens and allows a glimpse into the more unusual aspects of nature. It also reminded me that what is different in life is often attacked by the majority. All turned out well for her though, she will be well looked after in an appropriate environment.

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