Friday, 30 September 2011

Jelaluddin Rumi 30th September 1207 - 1273

Star Studded Rumi

Tonight is a night of union for the stars and of scattering,
scattering, since a bride is coming from the skies, consisting of a full moon.
Venus cannot contain herself for charming melodies, like the
nightingale which becomes intoxicated with the rose in spring-time.
See how the polestar is ogling Leo;
behold what dust Pisces is stirring up drom the deep!
Jupiter has galloped his steed against ancient Saturn, saying
"Take back your youth and go, bring good tidings!"
Mars' hand, which was full of blood from the handle of his
sword, has become as life-giving as the sun, the exalted in works.
Since Aquarius has come full of that water of life, the dry
cluster of Virgo is raining pearls from him.
The Pleiades full of goodness fears not Libra and being
broken; how should Aries flee away in fright from its mother?
When from the moon the arrow of a glance struck the heart
of Sagittarius, he took to night-faring in passion for her, like Scorpio.
On such a festival, go, sacrifice Taurus, else you are crooked of
gait in the mud like Cancer.
This sky is the astrolabe, and the reality is Love;
whatever we say of this, attend to the meaning.
Shamsi-Tabriz, on that dawn when you shine, the dark night
is transformed to bright day by your moonlike face.

"Mystical Poems of Rumi 1"A.J. Arberry
The University of Chicago Press, 1968

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Rare Beauty

Snow White

A friend and I, were lucky enough to see this little albino squirrel running around in gardens in Southsea. A news item in the local paper later reported that she had run into some trouble, when a gang of grey squirrels attacked her in Highland Road Cemetery, but fortunately, some people were on hand to rescue her. She is now being looked after at the Squirrel and Wildlife Centre in the Meon Valley, where she has been named Snow White. I hope she will enjoy a long and hassle free life.

I was delighted to see this little albino squirrel, they are rare, and so I felt it as one of those moments when a door opens and allows a glimpse into the more unusual aspects of nature. It also reminded me that what is different in life is often attacked by the majority. All turned out well for her though, she will be well looked after in an appropriate environment.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

In Praise of Autumn

The Falling of the Leaves

Autumn is over the long leaves that love us,
And over the mice in the barley sheaves;
Yellow the leaves of the rowan above us,
And yellow the wet-wild strawberry leaves.

The hour of the waning love has beset us,
And weary and worn are our sad souls now;
Let us part, ere the season of passion forget us,
With a kiss and a tear on thy drooping brow.

W. B. Yeats

I love Autumn.  I love the beautiful rich russet and golden colours, and the scent of wood smoke and burning leaves filling the air.  The sound and feel of the fallen leaves crunching underfoot, before the rain turns them to sludge, is always a pleasure. Autumn has always filled me with a sense of longing; a yearning for something unknown, but at the same time deeply familiar. I love the dark nights and the stars, and the mist rolling in from the sea, and that hint of magic and witchery in the atmosphere of the night. I love the  fractured light from street lamps, reflecting off rain soaked roads, and cosy nights by a burning fire. Beautiful Autumn.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Harvest Moon


The Harvest Moon   

The Harvest Moon is the full moon that falls closest to the Autumn Equinox. It is also known as the Corn Moon and the Barley moon, as it corresponds to the time of gathering in the harvest crops and threshing the barley. It sometimes occurs in October. It is usually a very bright moon, bright enough to gather the harvest by.

Full Moon in Pisces

A powerful time when dreams and inspiration come to fruition.                      Emotions are heightened, and shift and change in an ocean of feelings. Things are not quite what they seem, we may experience confusion, as we lose a sense of solidity and feel ourselves merging into a greater oneness with life. A time when we feel our hardness dissolve, and our compassion and forgiveness rises to the surface. A time for healing. A time of  meaningful sacrifice.

It's been ten years since 9/11. This is a time of remembering the horrendous attack on New York. It symbolised so many different things to different people. We still don't know the truth of what really happened, and who was at the root of this. So much confusion surrounds those events One thing is for certain, we are fed bullshit and lies by the governments of the Western World.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Ancestral Memories

My Father's Family

I love this old photo.. It was taken about 1910 in  Bacup, Lancashire in the North of Edwardian England. My Grandmother, Gladys, is the little blond girl in the centre.  To the right of her, is her older sister Bella, and to the left, her little sister Ida, my Grand Aunts. My Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather Simpson are with them. They  have all passed from this world now, this is the only photograph of them all together as a family. We have a restored version, but this original and ageing photograph, now over 100 years old, is just wonderful. My Grandmother's family were descended from Danish immigrants who lived and worked in the textile industry in Lancashire.