Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Good Faeries/ Bad Faeries

Good fairies/Bad faeries
By Brian Froud

I happened across this in a charity store recently. Mr Brian Froud is one of my favourite faery beings...this came to me as I was reaching to look at another book..I hadn't seen this one next to it..and when I withdrew my hand, this book was smiling up at me. Goddess bless you Mr Froud!

Pictured faeries are: top left,
Quempel, the faery of special moments.

Top right: The Vervain Faery. True flower faeries are "tiny specks of light involved with the processes of plant growth at the cellular level. Sometimes however, they manifest themselves in more substantial forms. Even flower faeries have to grow up. The Vervain faery can be called upon for healing, protection, and her general soothing ways."

Bottom left: The Morning faery "fond of appearing in the sudden quiet of the moment" and bottom right The Knowing Faery " There are no secrets from this faery... she knows what you have hidden in your heart." From Good faeries/ Bad faeries by Brian Froud.

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